Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy S4 ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy S3 was the first phone to outsell the Iphone 5.  The successor to the Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, will be unveiled on March 14th, 2013.  Recent information has explained that the Galaxy S4 will not have as powerful specs as recently speculated.

It will no longer use the EXYNOS processor, but the Snapdragon 600 instead.  This process is .2 Ghz than the HTC processor, and clocks in at 1.9 GHZ overall.  The reason of this sudden drop in quality is due to overheating issues and problems at the Samsung factories many people have reported.

Rumors have been circulating regarding the RAM of this unit.  It said to come equipped with 2GB of Ram.  It will offer the options of 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of storage space.

It will also come with a micro SD slot and a 13 megapixel Camera.

Galaxy S4 ReviewOf course, the new features that set the Samsung Galaxy S4 apart from the competition is what we are anxious for.  One feature is touch-less gestures.  For instance, if there is a incoming call and you make a motion to pull the phone to your ear, the Galaxy S4 will automatically accept the call.

Another showcased and rumored feature is the Eye technology.  This technology is implied due to Samsung registering the patents Eye Scroll and Eye Pause technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will come equipped with the Android 4.2 Jellybean.  Samsung is holding an event on March 14th where they will unveil the new and revolutionary phone.  The speculated release date in US and Europe is April 15th-22nd.  I can’t wait!

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